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The editors would like to thank their respective institutions for the freedom and support to explore some important future developments and contemplate their effect on the environment. We are thankful to Bruce Don for his involvement in this project and for his leadership as the director of RAND's Science and Technology Policy Institute. We are thankful to the fellow staff members at RAND that contributed to this effort; Anders Hove, Lisa Sheldone, Elaine Newton, and Anny Wong. We also thank Ron Diver for his early research and contributions to the ideas and to David Mussington and Chris Bernabo for their insightful review. At the Woodrow Wilson Center, John Tyler supplied help and critical advice on multimedia production. Dave Rejeski, Charlie Schmidt, and Christian Turner are to be commended for taping the many interviews.

During the development of this report, hundreds of people provided their time, ideas, and encouragement. We acknowledge many of these individuals in each section, but a number of people provided input on the overall direction of the report. We thank the United Nations Millennium Project (through Ted Gordon and Jerry Glenn) for providing access to the project's global network of scholars, many of whom provided us with suggestions for the content of the report. We benefited from our early discussions with Joe Bordogna and Penny Firth, the National Science Foundation; Allen Hammond, World Resources Institute; Terry Davies, Resources for the Future; Brad Allenby, AT&T; Gus Speth, Tom Graedel, and Reid Lifset, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies; Amit Ronen, Department of Energy; and many of the staff at the Environmental Law Institute, including Elissa Parker and Jim McElfish.

The report could not have been produced without the commitment of an exceptional group of writers: Charlie Schmidt (Beyond the Internet), Christian Turner (The Rossetta Stone), Robert Gunther (Manufacturing Anywhere), Tawna Mertz (Nature's Services), Joel Makower (Consumer Power), and Robert Taylor (New World, Old Order). They took a complex set of ideas and turned them into a set of stories that can inform a wide audience.

Because the report was produced on the Web, it presented some unique challenges. Steve Madaras, Vice President of GTI Technology Consultants, developed, fine tuned, and maintained the document control system web site through the entire production of the report. Lee Jessee at the Department of Energy helped with the web site development and the movement of content to the site as the report evolved.

EEI Communications designed the graphics and helped turn our conversations with the interviewees into audio and video clips relaying interesting and powerful messages. They did an exceptional job under tight time constraints. Special thanks go to Jenna Dee, Meredith Menken, and Stephen Colgan.

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This publication, IP-203, is part of the RAND Issue Papers series. RAND Issue Papers explore topics of interest to the policymaking community. Although Issue Papers are formally reviewed, authors have substantial latitude to express provocative views without doing full justice to other perspectives. The views and conclusions expressed in Issue Papers are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of RAND or its research sponsors.

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