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The RAND Database of Worldwide Terrorism Incidents is a compilation of data from 1972 through 2009.
We are still collecting data, after 2009, however it has not yet been added to the online database.

Instructions for searching the RDWTI

  1. Select values on which to subset your search (selecting no values will result in a search of the entire database).
  2. Select the type of output you want: Incident list, pie chart, or chronological graph.
    • Use an Incident List to gather a listing of all records in the database for particular criteria.
    • For pie chart, you must select the plot button next to the variable you want plotted.
    • For chronological chart, select plot next to "Injuries" or "Fatalities" for cumulative bar charts.
  3. Press the search button.

1. Select Search Values

Search Term: search incident descriptions
Start Date:
End Date:
Suicide Attack:
International Incident:
Domestic Incident:
Attack Claimed:
Fatalities: more than: less than:
Injuries: more than: less than:

2. Select Output

Results format:
select aggregation parameter to plot above

3. Run Search

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